E-commerce Web Development and Banner Design for MaxLife Solution
Banner Design for MaxLife Solution
Project Description

Client:  MaxLife Solution

Project:   New e-commerce design

About MaxLife Solution:
MaxLife Solution helps people to get the best nutritional supplement that supports healthy cardiovascular, immune, metabolic and neural health, healthy blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and harnesses the power of your own stem cell rejuvenation.

The main traits differentiated Fantastic Imago Creative Agency to do this project:

  • MaxLife Solution had short deadline of about 21 days to get a final web page with e-commerce functions (PayPal GateWay).
  • We have more than 5 years of experience in creating creative webpages for different companies in all shapes and sizes.
  • We were always available to hear MaxLife Solution’s feedback; as a result the project was delivered on time and with every feature desired.
  • We worked closely with MaxLife Solution’s web marketing department at every stage of web development, banner design, and marketing instruments creation to produce the best results.
  • We make quick work and create all elements of site at the speed of light because we know time is crucial for our clients. We try to work as fast as we can.

The client had a really old, out-of-date website and it did not convert well for desktop or mobile traffic. Because the client ran ads campaigns where 40% – 60% of this traffic was mobile, MaxLife did not get as many sales as they could have. So, we rebranded and remade the e-commerce landing page, taking them to the next level of profitability in their business.

We gathered all the information that we needed from MaxLife Solution and analyzed what factors were major parts of the project’s success and we created a simple and easy-to-navigate e-commerce page.

Our web development and banner design for MaxLife Solution:

  • 2 Q&A sessions on Skype with the client to help us understand the brand from the client’s perspective and create as many ideas as possible for web page.
  • We over-delivered the number of ideas for the webpage. We like to offer 3 ideas, but we gave more than 10 ideas for «MaxLife Solution». This helped «MaxLife Solution» to choose the best concept in a short period of time.
  • We used WordPress and WooCommerce to build an e-commerce site, which can help process thousands of client requests that want to buy MaxLife products.
  • We developed the design of the webpage and main top-banner graphics.
  • We rebuilt the WooCommerce cart system to work perfectly for MaxLife Solution’s needs. We made a two-step order process.
  • We created banners for their ads campaign.
  • Made all pages mobile-friendly and responsive.

As a RESULT, we engineered a brand mark with the character and personality of that business to attract their ideal customer using a responsive webpage and banner. The old page conversion was so low, that when «MaxLife Solutions» started a new campaign, they got a twice as many clients; they doubled their results and almost doubled their sales. When Fantastic Imago Creative Agency developed highly convertible pages and banners, clients easily generate a flood of new clients for their business and maximize their profits from optimizing their e-commerce landing page. We make it this fast as possible, knowing that clients want to get profit as quick as possible. Fantastic Imago can GUARANTEE these RESULTS.

Core Contributors:
Aleksandr Seleznev

Chief Creative Officer | Producer| Film Director

Ivan Seleznev

Director of Strategic Management | Producer | Film Director

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