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Fantastic Imago is a worldwide company that focuses on filming professional videos and advertisements. We also create cartoons, promotional videos and other promotional material. We will boost your client base and your profits beginning today!

Fantastic Imago can help to raise your video marketing to the next level:

– Creation of various video clips (movies, etc.)
– Consultation on visual marketing.
– Promoting videos in media resources.

Our company provides a unique approach for each business and creates an emotional connection between the brand and its audience with such techniques as:

– Creating a unique story for your brand and product (script writing), which is expressed in the form of advertising, video clip, ads and presentations.
– Constant communication of your brand with fans – consumers.

The company has worked with many different companies and brands. We work from with companies ranging from market leaders to small businesses.

Our visual products help promote and increase revenue. In addition, they constantly receive the latest news about our case studies, reports, marketing tips and our experience that we find and collect from around the world.


FI started creating extraordinary works in 2007
FI went to the Global Market in 2015


We create great commercials for your businesses and epic video effects for your movies!
Starting today, we will boost your client base and your profits!


Aleksandr Seleznev is producer and an expert in video advertising, post-production, promo video, music videos, explainer and animated videos

Aleksandr Seleznev

Creative Director | Producer

Producer and an expert in video advertising, post-production, promo video, music videos, explainer and animated videos.

Ivan Seleznov is expert in video advertising, stratigic and creative mastermind in Fantastic Imago also he is great brother.

Ivan Seleznev

Director of Strategic Management | Producer

Expert in video advertising, strategic and creative mastermind.


It's screenshot with CEO HARALD RIIS THOMSE, CC-INTERACTIVE made from video testimonials for Fantastic Imago, FI make production and produce greate quality on Black Magic Cinema Camera

Fantastic Imago Productions has produced an amazing designs and consultation for us that uniquely tells our story and its quality far exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed each step of working with Fantastic Imago and would highly recommend Fantastic Imago studio for anyone seeking high quality business designs and video production. So we expected to do with them the next project!


Providing Services: Corporate video and design

I have gone to Aleksandr for help with many projects. Him and his team do fabulous work, they are always available, hard workers and get projects done fast. The quality of the work is top of the line and I highly recommend them for video animation and video production.


Providing Services: Animated videos for Brands MyHealthPerx & Diabazole

It's Mark from ADVERTISING-DIRECT, it's our best clients that order two animated videos for Brands MyhealthPerx and Diabazole




The company Gefest introduced a revolutionary active external wall insulation
system (or AEWIS) for buildings of all types. Fantastic Imago has created an animated video advertisement to explain to the target audience why they should buy this new system.

Fantastic Imago creative video agency and best animation studios make explainer videos for business


Ukraine is a country located in south eastern Europe. The population of Ukraine is about 42.6 million. As of June 1, 2014, the urban population of Ukraine amounted to 29,460.4 people (68.79%), the rural population was 13,365.4 people (31.21%). In 2008, there were about 17.2 million households in Ukraine.

• The population is about 42.6 million.
• 7,2 million households.
• 29,460.4 thousand people (68.79%), the rural population – 13,365.4 thousand people (31.21%).


To create an animated video advertisement to explain the key benefits of this product and its uniqueness in the market. The final goal of this video campaign is to create a desire in the mind of clients to hear more about this active external wall insulation system in the company office where the sales team can easily close more sales and bring more profit to the company.

The challenge is to create a fun and understandable video because it consists of a large amount of  technical information that must be in the ads for the product.

We need to show how the innovative active external wall insulation system works and acts as a shell, protecting property from the cold and helping to retain warmth on the inside. We also need to show how in warmer climates it can help to maintain a cooler internal environment.



5 times better than other wall insulation system on the market.


Reduces unnecessary heat loss & CO2 emissions by more than 5 times.


Reduces unnecessary heat loss & CO2 emissions by more than 5 times.


Really easy to install.


Can help with condensation problems.


Much more better than high temperature central heating.


Absolutely autonomous operation with heat pumps.
2d animation of heat elements and wall with red bricks of active external wall insulation system that made by Fantastic Imago

Short from demonstration of AEWIS


It’s an active external wall insulation system (or AEWIS) for properties of all types that can work independently from central heating. AEWIS use low temperature heat, making it efficient to leave heating on 24 hours a day. Generally speaking, it is more efficient to leave a lower temperature heating system on continuously and a higher temperature system should only be on around key demand periods. With AEWIS, heat loss can drop by 5 – 8 times in a regular property, it will also significantly reduce your energy bills. This can be achieved by using heat elements around the walls that maintain an acceptable temperature inside the house all year round in the winter and the summer.

It's video advertising companies logo Fantastic Imago , it's transparent and white with red dot
Cartoon animation of wall cut with red bricks and heating elements of Ukrainian Company, animated explainer business videos made by Fantastic Imago

Image from video with working AEWIS.


What two ideas would we like to implement in the animated video to create an attractive and interesting ad?

Fantastic Imago will show you have you can also how to make animations for your business like in Case Study from Gefest that monster eat heat from houses

The main concept is to tell a story that reveals the true identity of the cold winter and how devastating winter can be.

It’s example of colorful Infographic for case study about web animated explainer video from Fantastic Imago - 2d and 3d animation studio.


Video presentations with animated characters and graphics can be very long to watch. People can miss the point, making it useless to watch. This is for more advanced clients with a good level of knowledge of the market and product.


  • Too long
  • Complicated terms
  • Boring


  • Informative
Case study about how Fantastic Imago create charcter animation for Ukrainian company Gefest with horrible cold monster


We think that animated videos with cartoon characters and only lasting up to half a minute will be more than enough. Here we can create an interesting short story where simple people are in the main roles. We can place some selling pitches and add the key benefits from the presentation to illustrate why this system much better than other one on the market.

This type of video is the best for the internet, websites, social media and non-specialized exhibitions.


  • Not so infromative


  • Short
  • Interesting
  • Fun
  • Memorizable benefits
We have stopped on the second idea, because the first idea is the best for presentation purposes for those who know the basics of wall insulation. If we will insert too many presentation elements, the audience will be easily confused.
FantasticImago creative video agency will show how to make animation for your business in short period.

Our strategy is to think globally then narrow down to the product that can help. The first part of the animated video talks about the rising cost of energy resources, especially heat bills. In the second part of the animated video we give a specific solution for how everybody can save money on bills and keep their homes warmer.

After we have approved an idea for a video, we create the script. We use the AIDA principle (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) to create the story.

This principle consists of four key stages in the advertising process: obtaining the attention of a potential customer, evoking interest in a product or a service, developing the desire in the customer to have what is offered and induce action, which might lead towards the purchase.

In the story, we show a big and angry Horrible Cold Monster steal heat and money from our main character’s pockets each winter. After we call the company on the phone, the high-tech Super Professor AEWIS comes to save the main character and his money from the Horrible Cold Monster.

We use the simple AIDA scheme is used in top video advertising.

We use the AIDA principle (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) to create the story


How can we grab people’s attention so they will listen to our message?

In this stage we identify people problems. If people are focused on the specific problems, they will seek a solution for it. The simplest way is to point out some facts that correspond to the problems directly.


Everyone knows that heating costs are skyrocketing.

And they will double by 2018!


How we can create an interest in people to continue watching our message?

One of element we implement in this animated video is to tell a story with a negative character that emphasizes the problem and to give people a vision of a darker future.


The cold winter takes a lot of heat from each house and we begin to get sick.

As a result, we have a strong desire to warm up and we turn on the heaters. Nevertheless, the cold is so terrible and devastating. It consumes all thermal energy at once!


How we can create a desire in people that we can control?

In this stage we portray the product and service as the best solution for their problem. We also talk about  how this product/service works. This stage is one of the most important because we are growing the desire to solve the problem in the most efficient way that the product can give. One of the best tools is to compare our product to the regular product that does not have  any benefits. In this stage, all numbers and info should be exactly what people get after using this product. You can add price points, but in our case it’s not necessary because this technology can be calculated be experts and can’t bought in supermarkets.


But you can change everything – you can stop spending a tremendous amount of heat energy, and live in a really warm house…
With an active external wall insulation system!
Why this system?

•It effectively operates at cooler temperatures, even at 25 degrees Celsius!
• When working with a heat pump, the entire system is almost twice as efficient.
• It can stand-alone as well.

• It is highly effective at heat recovery.

If you install an active external wall insulation system in your house, your heat loss will be reduced by up to 5 times!

If we compare a nine-floor property with an active external wall insulation system installed to a similar property without the system, after 10 years you will save 50 million hryvnia on heating costs!


How we can create thoughts in people minds that turn into action?

In this stage, we implement words that trigger their mind to take action now.


If you want to know more about the active external wall insulation system, made in Ukraine, you can call now at “this phone number”

Fantastic Imago create storyboard and than create animation videos for Gefest company
All animation companies begin with creating storyboards and than create explainer videos using this storyboard like Fantastic Imago
Once we have approved the script, we create the storyboard that will be our visual script for creating the animated video.
It's video advertising companies logo Fantastic Imago , it's transparent and white with red dot


Fantastic Imago Studio make 3d animation for any kind of business and animated explainer video

We know that this character must be a super clever high-tech guy to develop this system. The Professor represents the company and people that work toward one goal to help people in a professional way. We make some sketches and decide that he has some amazing tools like flying boots and some scientific gadgets in his pockets. These make him seem like a guy that came from the future.

The best animation production is in Fantastic Imago, it's draft professor animated explainer video for business


Storyboard version

One of top animation experts and artists in Fantastic Imago, professor animated explainer video for Ukrainian company


Professor final sketch

2d 3d animation in animated videos and explainer videos for business and made by Fantastic Imago


Animated Professor


It's screenshot from animated explainer video made by Fantastic Imago one of the top animation studios for Ukrainian business

This character should definitely look like your average Joe; anyone who can buy this system to make their own home warm and cozy. Steve is a normal guy who wants to live the good life in a warm house. But he suffers from the Horrible Cold Monster and he wants to call the super hero who will defeat him. Because people associated his problems with their own and they will sympathize with him.

Film animation 3d for business and animated explainer video that made by Fantastic Imago Studio


Steve from storyboard

3d animation video Steve animated explainer video for Gefest business all this characters made by Fantastic Imago


Steve final sketch for production

Fantastic Imago made 2d character animation for business and it's final version steve animated explainer video and also FI make 3d character animation for commercials


Steve in animated video


2d animated commercials screenshot from animated video for business web made by Fantastic Imago

We understand that we must illustrate cold and wind in one character. We think the best solution is to show the Horrible Cold Monster like some kind of swirl of clouds or some kind of dinosaur with a big jaw. In the beginning, when we created the storyboard, we decided to change the dinosaur to a hurricane that blows cold wind from his mouth. As you can see, in the final production model of the character, we also added eyes to make him seem like the live creature in the first concept. This gives the creature a more physical presence, meaning that the Horrible Cold Monster is real and you can feel it and see it. This antagonist is pure evil that eats heat and money, freezes Steve’s home and fights with the protagonist, Super Professor AEWIS.

It's first design of horrible monster cold wind and made for business animation and animated explainer video made by Fantastic Imago


Monster from storyboard

It's colorful 2d design of wind cold hero character for animated explainer video made by Fantastic Imago Studio that made excellent 2d and 3d animation


Monster final sketch

2d and 3d animation companies like a Fantastic Imago made final animated version of horrible monster cold wind animated explainer video


Monster in animation


Out of 100 narrators, we choose one specific voice that can convey message and selling pitches in the right way we need in our case.

Animated 2D Character Steve with skeleton animation system for animated explainer business video. This image use like example for case study from Fantastic Imago Studio.

An Animation Skeleton

All characters have an animation skeleton, so that they can be animated from body movement, from the eyes to the legs.

Disney’s Principals of Animation

We implement Disney’s principals of animation in the each character of our animated videos. This gives the animation more fluidity and a cartoony style that everybody likes.

It's screen shot from web animated video for business that we are showing Disneys animation principals made by by Fantastic Imago that made excellent 2d and 3d animation videos

In this stage, we polish and add the final elements like music, sound effects and voice.



We recently worked with Machulko Anotoliy, the CEO of Gefest. Anotoliy’s problem was a long, drawn-out sales description of his product alongside an ineffective pitch regarding how his service could help consumers.
By using our commercial video and animated explanation video, his sales team was able to show how this service helped potential customers save a lot of money in the long-term in less 3 minutes.

Before using our videos, the sales managers spent about an hour and a half talking to the client. The sales team found that 4 out of 5 potential customers who watched our videos were able to more quickly understand what the service was about and how this service could help them.
The sales team saved at least 5 hours per week on their work time.
Moreover, he has more new clients that like the videos and he has boosted his profit!



We have finished each scene with animated characters and then composed them into one video sequence with music and voice over. Below you can see the results:

2d 3d animation in animated videos and explainer videos for business and made by Fantastic Imago

You get the highest level of video production services from Fantastic Imago to reach your goals for small, local, mid size businesses and corporations.

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