Video Commercial for Spain Brand, Perla De Plata De Mallorca Silver & Pearls Jewelry


Testimonial from Perla De Plata De Mallorca Silver & Pearls Jewelry

We hired Fantastic Imago to do a video and 3D presentation for one of our jewelry lines, and they completed their tasks at the highest video production standards. Their sense of detail is astonishing, especially in 3D presentation.

Fantastic Imago will be a huge asset for any luxury goods & jewelry business. They always set high expectations and deliver it on time.

Perla De Plata De Mallorca Silver & Pearls Jewelry

Project Description

Client: Perla De Plata De Mallorca Silver & Pearls Jewelry
Project: Creating Video Commercial for Spain Brand, Perla De Plata De Mallorca Silver & Pearls Jewelry

Video Advertising of Perla De Plata De Mallorca is one of the main effective lead-generating tools to get new clients through the Spanish hotels, showrooms and resorts. This video was also used for generating prospects from their website.
About Perla De Plata De Mallorca:
With 5 years of experience, Perla De Plata De Mallorca is the fastest growing jewelry shop and manufacturer in Spain. In order to achieve ambitious growth targets on the internet, the brand needed to reach a whole new range of customers outside their usual circle of clients.

To help Perla De Plata De Mallorca not only increase the conversion rate of their website or create video ads, but to future-proof the business, we were asked to produce a video that demonstrates their patented technology, an absolutely new line of products, and show that their brand is unique and fresh.

What differentiated Fantastic Imago from others with whom the Perla De Plata De Mallorca was speaking:

  • Fantastic Imago has more than 10 years of experience in filming, 3D-animation and post-production.
  • We created three scripts with different stories and approaches, but each of them included a 3D presentation of the innovative system of changing pearls.
  • We created a video that shows a light scheme of the shooting location in the 3D program for the client and shooting crew (director of photography, gaffer, lighting crew and others) so we can easily show what final result will be. With this approach, we have aligned all departments into a successful working team with the goal of making the best quality result possible for the client’s needs.
  • We have a high level of visual quality. We implemented all skills and an innovative technology to capture and recreate the ring of Perla De Plata De Mallorca in 3D with all the gorgeous jewelry in detail.
  • At each stage, Perla De Plata De Mallorca received the maximum amount of information and reports to monitor the results, and of course they could easily communicate their wishes for the project.
  • We were always available to hear Perla De Plata De Mallorca’s feedback, even during the weekend, and as a result, the project was delivered on time.
  • We involved using the slow motion effect in the video to underline the luxury of jewelry.
  • 95% of time we worked remotely with Perla De Plata De Mallorca so the Spanish Brand could focus on their business activity.
  • We generated the largest number of ideas for creating Perla De Plata De Mallorca’s video. We chose from these ideas, one of the best concepts and used it as a basis for creating detailed storyboards. It helped Perla De Plata De Mallorca to better understand our creative way and advertising principals.
  • We worked closely with the marketing department of Perla De Plata De Mallorca at every stage of video production to produce the best results.

We had an extremely complex task to transform the idea of a screw system into a video that will be shown around the world and bring new customers to the brand. Essentially, we needed to create a small revolution using the innovative product and create an ad that explains how easy it is for women to use in different situations of her life.

Our video advertising service offer for Perla De Plata De Mallorca:

  • 3 Q&A sessions with the client to help us understand the brand from client’s perspective and create many ideas as possible for video advertising.
  • Presentation of these ideas.
  • We took the creative direction and responsibility to achieve the visual style of Perla De Plata De Mallorca at the highest quality.
  • We created a production timeline for each department so that all departments know deadline and what must they to do.
  • Re-present one storyboard.
  • 3 revisions for each production step: concept, storyboard and post-production.
  • Final RAW video material with actress on location shoot at 3840×2160 (Red Epic Mysterium X), 100-frames per second.
  • Color correction of RAW video materials.
  • Retouched the actress’ skin and blurred it for achieving the fashion and glamour look of the final image.
  • Adding sparkles and optic FX to the Perla De Plata De Mallorca jewelry.
  • We delivered the final video advertisement for Perla De Plata De Mallorca in FULL HD (1920×1080, 25 fps).

Finally, as Perla De Plata De Mallorca got the ideal luxury video to attract a flood of new clients and show their innovative principals in the jewelry industry. It can easily be placed at any store, hotel, resort, event, trade show, online promotion, prospect meetings, etc. Also as a result, this video enhances the public image of the company throughout Spain. So, Fantastic Imago can GUARANTEE these RESULTS and more.


Core Contributors:
Aleksandr Seleznev

Chief Creative Officer | Producer| Film Director

Ivan Seleznev

Director of Strategic Management | Producer | Film Director

Dmitriy Dmitrov

Director of Photography

Darina Bila

Legal Adviser

Ira Prokopchuk

Graphic designer | Artist Illustrator | Concept artist | Character Designer | Visual Development

Anastasiya Khmara

Lead Character Artist | Sketch & Storyboard Artist | Concept Artist | Illustration | Graphic Facilitator

Olga Smolinska

Executive Assistant | Front Office Administrator

Take a look at our Case Study that explain how Fantastic Imago helped Perla De Plata De Mallorca fulfill their video production needs.

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