Real Estate Web-Animated Explainer Video for Address.UA
Video Testimonial Denis Galicyn, Affiliate Network Manager, Address.UA
Project Description
Client: Address.UA Project: Creating Real Estate Web-Animated Explainer Video for Address.UA Website:
About Address.UA: Address.UA is a real estate web portal where professional real estate agents, people who want to buy or sell their property, and people seeking new real estate offers meet. Address.UA announced a new paid service called, “Premium Profile in Address.UA” for people and agents who want to sell/buy their real estate properties faster. This service includes publishing offers on different real estate websites, email campaigns and upgrading your Address.UA profile to the PRO version, which includes tons of good stuff for promotion. That’s why Address.UA wanted to advertise this new service using an animated explainer video to explain in a captivating way all the features and benefits of this unique offer.
What differentiated Fantastic Imago from others with whom Address.UA was speaking:
  • One of the main focuses and strengths of Fantastic Imago is creating astonishing and entertaining animation videos. We have been doing this since 2006.
  • We introduce and create more than a dozen different ideas that would catapult the response for Address.UA’s website and sales. From these ideas, we choose one ideal that fits the brand’s marketing goals and make a script and animatic.
  • At each stage, Address.UA received the maximum amount of information to monitor the results, and of course they were easily able to communicate their wishes for this project.
  • We were always available to hear Address.UA’s wishes and changes, as a result the project was delivered on time.
  • We worked closely with the marketing department of Address.UA at every stage of video production to produce the best animated explainer video.
Challenge: Address.UA wanted to determine their target markets and develop the ultimate sales funnel using an animated explainer video and as a result, increase their paid client base and revenue.
Our video advertising service offer for Address.UA:
  • 3 Q&A sessions with the client to help us understand the service “Premium Profile in Address.UA” from the client’s perspective and create as many ideas as possible for an animated video, and present the final image of the whole video. We also had a strategic marketing session with the marketing department where we explain how Address.UA can easily get RESULTS; that they can get new leads from YouTube, Vimeo, a website, and sustained it for a long period of time.
  • Presentation of these ideas.
  • We took the creative direction and responsibility to achieve the visual style of Address.UA’s animated explainer video at the highest level of quality.
  • Re-present one detailed animatic.
  • 3 revisions for each production step: concept, animatic and production.
  • We delivered the final animated video for Address.UA in FULL HD (1920×1080, 25 fps).
Result: As a RESULT, Address.UA sped up their service promotion using an animated video from Fantastic Imago and now gets more paid clients through YouTube and their website. Fantastic Imago can GUARANTEE these RESULTS. If you have a strong DESIRE to find the ideal CLIENTS for your business, then we will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process of creating a marketing plan, video ads, website, banners, and brand identity for your new product or service. We will also take responsibility of the creative direction of your video ads, website and banners. This way we can GUARANTEE 100% the effectiveness of our skills and our efforts (this sure beats “conventional wisdom” when it comes to finding out how to get TOP CLIENTS for your business).
Core Contributors:
Aleksandr Seleznev

Chief Creative Officer | Producer| Film Director

Ivan Seleznev

Director of Strategic Management | Producer | Film Director

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