Pyrex: Video Commercial
Project Description

Client: Pyrex
Project: Creating Pyrex: Video Commercial

Pyrex wanted to refresh their brand image in the Ukrainian glassware market and re-engage their costumers to buy new products. With these goals, we created a video commercial that shows one of the best lines of glassware.

Pyrex wanted professionals who viewed media accurately and not through rose-tinted glasses under the influence of ecstasy. They wanted someone to understand direct response from creating a captivating idea up to the final video commercial that delivered unmeasurable results for the brand.

About Pyrex: Today, Pyrex brand glassware products can be found in American and European homes. Pyrex values their made in the USA heritage and continues to work hard to ensure that Pyrex products remain a mainstay in kitchens for generations to come. All Pyrex brand glassware products are stain and odor resistant, 100% BPA free, safe to use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer and available in a variety of shapes and sizes

What differentiated Fantastic Imago from others with whom Pyrex was speaking to:

  • Fantastic Imago has a lot of experience in video shooting, 3D-animation and post-production since 2006.
  • We developed one script.
  • We implemented all skills and high-end technology to capture video and create stop-motion effects.
  • At each stage, Pyrex received reports with all information necessary to monitor the results, and of course they were able to easily contact us to make all their wishes known for this project.
  • We were always available to hear Pyrex’s feedback; as a result the project was delivered on time.
  • We worked closely with the marketing department of Pyrex at every stage of video production to produce the best video commercials.

Challenge: Rather than bombard potential customers with facts and figures about glassware products, Pyrex wanted to connect to them in an emotional way that conveyed why they should want to buy products that make their life easier, more comfortable and fun.

Pyrex’s marketing department and we decided that 20 seconds appears to be an optimal length for this video commercial.

Our video commercials service offer for Pyrex:
  • 3 Q&A sessions with the client that we better understand the brand from the client’s perspective and create as many ideas as possible for the video commercials.
  • Presentation of these ideas.
  • Re-present storyboards for video.
  • 3 revisions for each production step: concept, storyboards and post-production.
  • Final RAW video material with actress on location shoot on ARRI ALEXA XT Plus.
  • Color correction of RAW video materials.
  • We delivered the final video commercials for Pyrex in FULL HD (1920×1080, 25 fps) and PAL (720 × 576, 25 fps).
Result: With these video commercials, Pyrex created a TV campaign that interacted with a huge number of potential clients through the entire country. The Video commercial showed on national TV channels (population of Ukraine is 42,3 million of people). It increased brand awareness and re-engaged old customers to buy more from Pyrex.

REMEMBER: video commercials, websites, and brand identity can be a more sophisticated and less “sales-y” way to communicate with your prospects, customers, clients or patients. They don’t require you to bombard prospects with hard-core sales messages that’ll eventually change the brand.

Core Contributors:
Aleksandr Seleznev

Chief Creative Officer | Producer| Film Director

Ivan Seleznev

Director of Strategic Management | Producer | Film Director

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