HVAC Animated Explainer Video for Gefest Company
Testimonial Anatoliy Machulko, CEO, LLC Gefest

I am the CEO of Gefest and we are engaged in implementing innovative construction technologies and also produceing non-standard thermo-technical equipment. Today, the most important thing for us is the implementation of several innovative projects such as thermal insulation for buildings, energy saving, and creating a wood panel system that can be installed very quickly.

We were assured that Fantastic Imago can quickly and efficiently perform tasks at the highest quality level, when creating an animated video advertisement for our outer insulation system.

Fantastic Imago created an animated video that helped us to promote our products through the site and it has increased the number of requests for our services each month. We are happy to work with such a great creative agency.

We recommend our partners to work with them. We can say that Fantastic Imago is a scrupulous manufacturer of advertising content for any business, especially for HVAC.

Anatoliy Machulko

CEO, LLC Gefest

Project Description

Client: HVAC Gefest Company
Project: Creating HVAC Animated Explainer Video for Gefest Company
Website: http://ecocolt.com 

About The HVAC Gefest:
The HVAC Company, Gefest, introduced a revolutionary active external wall insulation system (AEWIS) for buildings of all types. Fantastic Imago has created an HVAC animated explainer video advertisement to explain to the target audience why they should buy this new system. Our video easily attracted high-quality customers and clients that paid Gefest higher prices without hesitation.

What differentiated Fantastic Imago from others with whom the HVAC Company, Gefest, was speaking:

  • One of the main focuses and of Fantastic Imago is to create astonishing and entertaining animation. We have been doing this since 2006.
  • We introduce and create more than a dozen different ideas that catapult the response for Gefest’s website and sales meetings. From these ideas, we choose one ideal that fits the brand and Gefest’s sales goals and make the storyboard and script.
  • At each stage, Gefest received the maximum amount of information to monitor the results, and they were easily able to communicate all of their wishes for this project.
  • We were always available to hear Gefest’s feedback, as result the project was delivered on time.
  • We worked closely with Gefest’s marketing department at every stage of video production to produce the best results.

CEO, Machulko Anotoliy wanted to have advertising and marketing tool to shorten sales cycles as well as for positioning and presenting his product to a group of people that he sought an investment from, using video as one effective tool.

Our video advertising service offer for Gefest:

  • 3 Q&A sessions with the client to help us understand the brand from the client’s perspective and create as many ideas as possible for video advertising, then present final client image of the whole video. We also had a strategic marketing session with marketing department, where we explained to Gefest how they can easily get the RESULTS that they want and new leads from YouTube, Vimeo and a website and sustained it over a long period of time. (Value $1200).
  • Presentation of these ideas.
  • We took the creative direction and responsibility to achieve the visual style of Gefest in an animated explainer video at the highest quality.
  • Re-present one storyboard.
  • 3 revisions for each production step: concept, storyboard and post-production.
  • We delivered the final video advertisement for Gefest in FULL HD (1920×1080, 25 fps).

As a result, HVAC Gefest received an animated video that helped more the sales team and clients more easily understand what the active external wall insulation system (AEWIS) is. The sales team of Gefest now makes more presentations to clients per week and they even began getting new leads from YouTube and their website because the HVAC animated explainer video is a perfect conversion tool that works like a clock if you have it in your marketing and sales pipeline. So, Fantastic Imago Creative Agency can GUARANTEE you these RESULTS and more.

Core Contributors:
Aleksandr Seleznev

Chief Creative Officer | Producer| Film Director

Ivan Seleznev

Director of Strategic Management | Producer | Film Director

Take a look at our Case Study that explain how Fantastic Imago helped Gefest fulfill their video production needs.

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